After spending 20 years working in property management, Charae Mallia heard and saw every frustration that ever crossed a renter’s mind. While she greatly appreciates the lessons learned in property management, she firmly believes that most stuck in apartments would be happier with homeownership, if only they had someone to show them the way. Today, that is her mission: show them the way to homeownership. With an expert-eye for detail, Charae focuses on homeowner readiness, providing future buyers with resources for improving their credit scores, sorting through financing options and saving strategies for the down payment and closing costs. Once the buyers are ready, she takes great care in helping them find the perfect home. Charae is a third generation Texan. Her family migrated from Sicily to Galveston where they were the first grocer supply on the Island. She loves to work all over North Texas, and holds a special passion for sCarrollton, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Irving and Downtown Dallas. Charae joined the Windle Group in Spring. 2017.