Realtor, Team Captain

With the same name as the Windle Group founder, John “Ezel” Windle had to meet the other John Windle when he was searching for a place to launch his real estate career. Ezel developed an interest in real estate after purchasing his first home in 1990. As an optician for nearly three decades, he realized that people approached buying glasses as a chore. Though he enjoyed helping people make decisions about something that impacted their daily lives, being viewed as a chore impacted his own career fulfillment. Harkening back to own homebuying experience, Ezel sought out real estate as a career to assist people who wanted to purchase something they needed – and loved. His goal is to make home buying experience an event to remember. Ezel’s approach to customer service has proven successful and has earned him a place on the Windle Group’s leadership team. Though based in Collin County, Ezel travels anywhere in North Texas where clients are looking for homes. Ezel joined the Windle Group in Summer 2015