Realtor, Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Lynn Windle founded the Windle Group in 2013 with her husband after she was retired out of Corporate America. The plan to join John Windle in his real estate practice dated back to 1999 when she first got her license, but she thought she had another decade before that would happen. Determined to do for herself what she’d done for others, she set about to learn everything she could about becoming a great realtor. What she learned is that between John and herself, they had the knowledge and skills to build a powerful force in real estate.

Lynn has more than 30 years’ experience in media, corporate advertising, social media and marketing. During that time, she was part of the marketing team that launch the first PCS mobile phone system in the US as well as most of the technology inside today’s smart phones. Today, she applies her knowledge toward marketing the team’s listings, putting them squarely in the front of potential buyers. While Lynn’s practice tilts more toward the listing side of the business, she enjoys helping to build stronger communities by assisting single parents and low-income buyers find homes of their own. Lynn purchased her first home as a single mother, so she understands the unique challenges they face – often starting with finding a real estate agent with the patience and willingness to work with them.

Lynn is a fifth generation, Texan directly descended from one of the original founders of Oak Cliff. Her practice stretches from Sulphur Springs to Weatherford and from the Red River to Waxahachie.